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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Ride Out Heroes Android ! Apk + Obb ! New Battle Royale Game

Ride Out Heroes is a 'battle royale' game where up to 100 players hunt each other down in a fantasy world with dozens of weapons, armor, potions and other useful objects. Finish off your enemies with booby traps, special attack skills and all kinds of tricks. 

Control systems in Ride Out Heroes is standard within this genre. With the stick controller located on the left of your screen you move around and with the action buttons on the right. As you raise up your skills you'll unlock new buttons for more advanced attacks that appear on screen. 

One of the distinctive elements of Ride Out Heroes that truly sets it apart from the rest is what happens when you lose. Rather than dying, your character turns into a tiny dragon. If you survive for 15 seconds as an inoffensive little baby dragon, your previously deceased character will automatically resurrect, and you're back in the game. Unfortunately, if you're shot down as a tiny dragon – it's game over. 

The other main factor in Ride Out Heroes that stands out among other 'battle royale' game is the unique way it handles vehicles. Instead of finding vehicles scattered around each level, you'll capture what looks like a dinosaur shell that comes to life as a real dinosaur when you invoke it by pressing a button. 

Ride Out Heroes is an excellent 'battle royale' that offers a middle ground between Rules of Survival and Survival Heroes. With its absolutely astounding graphics and high-quality production, it sets the bar high, even for PC and console games. This game is definitely not to be missed.

Android 4.1 or higher required

Download : click Here
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