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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Pubg Mobile 0.13.5 Update | Dragon Mode | Vikendi Night Mode | Many More

In the "Stimulus Battlefield" Welcome Carnival "version," the Spring Festival mode, as a random emergence of game eggs, is popular with players. When the player matches the game in classic mode, there is a certain probability to trigger into the "Spring Festival mode". At present, the "Spring Festival mode" will only appear in the island map and snow map. Then the little white dress will share with you the same direction of the Spring Festival mode in the snow map, I hope to help players.

[Overview of the Spring Festival Mode] The Spring Festival mode is an egg mode that the game introduces in order to meet the arrival of the Lunar New Year. It is based on the legendary "Year of the Beast", which caters to the festive atmosphere and brings a new gaming experience to the players. . In the Spring Festival mode, the player can summon the cute and dangerous baby beasts through the investigation, the annual beast statue. The killing the beast baby can drop the beast signal gun. The player can summon the ferocious by the beast signal gun. Overbearing Year of the Beast Guard, killing the Guardian of the Year can drop the rich material rewards and the third level of the beast for the player. The player can judge whether he is in the "Spring Festival mode" by the word "Spring Festival Mode" in the lower right corner of the screen. Medium c

[Year of the Beast Encyclopedia] "The Year of the Beast" is a fierce beast in ancient legends, and the traditional Chinese New Year's Eve and "New Year's Eve" have a direct connection with the beast. The "Breaking the Battlefield" in the Spring Festival mode is the use of this Prototype, in some fixed places in the map, there will be a refreshing statue of the year. When the player approaches these statues, the word “investigation” will appear. Click “Investigate” to summon five baby beasts. A slight attack power, after being killed, will drop game materials and a large number of "Jianjia" props

The fourth year of the beast statue is located in the castle, in the central square of the castle. Since the location may be more people, it is recommended that the player first enter the room to search for firearms, clear the surrounding enemies and then go to the "investigation, the annual animal carving.


>RAM : 3GB & Up
◆ Snapdragon-625 To 845 
◆ Mediatek - HelioP60 - P70 
◆ Kirin - 659 To 980
>AVAILABLE SPACE : 5GB(After Download Game)

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>Version : 0.13.5
>Update Date : 21-Jan-2019
>Size : 1.8GB

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